Don’t Bully Billy

A children’s story written by Stephanie Messenger.
Don't Bully Billy

The lack of self love plays out in many different ways according to our personal history and how we view the world at any given moment.

Bullying is a learnt behaviour. It is how people cope with feeling unloved. Both the bully and the person being bullied are suffering from lack of self love. To address this in the bully only, will not solve the problem. It needs to be addressed from all angles:  the bully, the victim and the bystanders.

The fact that many people are bystanders explains why bullying also continues. The bully gets to feel more powerful when bystanders do nothing. Once people take it upon themselves to stand up and let the bully know their behaviour is not acceptable, the bully will often back off and lose some of the power and payoff they receive from such behaviour.

This book contains many messages for the bullied, the bystanders and the bully.

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