Happy Day Sad Day

A children’s story written by Stephanie Messenger

Happy Day Sad Day can help children with the concept that their thinking helps to create their reality. If they think happy, helpful thoughts, and then say and do helpful things, their day will be much more enjoyable than if they do the opposite. The concept that our thinking creates our reality is a Universal Law that many have forgotten, so we learn the hard way… or not!
There are two books – one with female characters and one with male characters.

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The male book has two stories – Simon’s Sad Day has Simon do many unkind and unhelpful things and so his day turns out to be not so happy.
In contrast, the other story, Henry’s Happy Day has Henry doing many helpful, kind things and his day is happy.

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The female version also has two stories – Susan’s Sad Day and Helen’s Happy Day – with a similar theme to the male book, but with different scenarios.

Each book explains how incorrect thinking creates bad feelings and troubled times, and the consequences of that, and how correct, happy thinking creates positive feelings and a pleasant day and the consequences of that.
The books are deigned to get a conversation with the parents or reader happening, so children are empowered to create the life they want. If children are misbehaving, this is a good book to read to them to get them thinking about where their thinking first went off track. With awareness, comes freedom to make better decisions.

So start the conversation so children don’t grow up to think and feel like they are victims of what happens, but rather, co-creaters.

Male Book

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